Disappointed reading addict find a book that revives my love of reading

In a world of predictable formulaic books, Mrs. Lee separates herself from the crowd by penning a book that I was not able to predict. Her topic was outside of my milieu, but I have become dissatisfied with most books because they are empty and lacking depth, so I decided to try something outside of my comfort zone. I began reading and said to myself I know what’s going to happen. I read a little further to confirm my suspicions, but she surprised me. The Amazon Murders is a book that expands the mind and envelopes the reader providing the escape from reality that all book nerds are seeking.
– Elizabeth H.

You don’t want it to end it was so good. I would highly recommend this book and one…
This is one of those books that once you start reading, it becomes hard to put down; then when one gets close to the end of the book, you don’t want it to end it was so good. I would highly recommend this book and one of the better and most interesting books that I have read in a long time. Having an interest in science, the environment and having traveled to South America, this book covers all and then some. Thanks to the author for such an intriguing book! I understand there may be a follow-up book and can not wait to read it also.
– Darrell

5 stars!
The story is built around inscrutable deaths of men who are involved in illegal harvesting of mahogany trees in the Amazon rainforest. Dramatic interactions within the set of characters, namely academics Dr. Julie Cole, Nigel Diobello, businessman Arthur Livingston, shaman Lupa and others give varied perspectives of jungle ecosystem. All along the reading the author succeeded in capturing my attention, and possible motives for murder were keeping me guessing. Whereas mythological framework where a tree takes a symbolic meaning of life concept shapes a deeper plot level.
Moreover it’s felt that the author put in her best licks to familiarize readers with the plausible context sailing down the Amazon river and getting information from the Brazilian locals and scientists as a pre-writing research. Such artistic approach combining attractive story and scientific exploration seems to be a real catch these days. It could encourage the emergence of other artists’ projects of science art genre which would tackle hot-button issues of people-nature interface.
I strongly recommend this book to the fans of mystery and crime genre that are looking for something original!
– Alexandra

What an amazing story!
This book kept my interest from the moment I started reading it! I am amazed at the science information in this fictional story. The theory proposed in the story is both intriguing and mesmerizing! I can’t wait for more books in The Rainforest Mystery Series!
– Debra

Great read, important message
I thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Lee’s book. It was definitely thought provoking. It covered several genres even in a very small way, such as romance. I hope having people refer to the romance portion of the book would not put someone off from reading it because they’re anti romance. It is just another aspect (although small) of the story just like real life has so many different aspects. I felt like it also touched a bit on thriller. The thought of the forest “attacking” people makes it feel like a sci-fi thriller. Hopefully readers will also take away the message, which is not beaten into you, that we need to take care of the Earth. Even if that part of the Earth is thousands of miles from you science has shown that everything is affected in some way or another.
– yourobi

Must read!
What a story! I wish to keep thinking this is a “what if” story but…… A fast paced, emotional journey to save the Amazon. Or rather to watch it save itself. Through a combination of science and great story telling, The author offers us the clash of plant vs animal (man) as it plays out in the Amazon. This book is hard to describe as it is full of fascination, culture, science and difficult truths. All bound together in a story that flows from beginning to end. The writer’s ability to intertwine the truth of science into the lives of very real characters make it hard to remember that, for now, the story remains fictional. I want for the story to be real. I want for the forest to learn to fight back. To win! Not only did I fall in love with a handful of characters, but my life has been changed by what I have learned and a fully renewed belief that life, itself, is so misunderstood by the simplest of creatures…US. A must read for all who have faith in a natural force greater than humankind.