Scientists’ Endorsements:

The natural world is full of strange and beautiful relationships whose purpose is always more life, even in death.  Who’s to say what is possible when what we know represents the smallest fraction of what is?  I am intrigued and entertained by the ideas S. W. Lee sets forth in this new novel.  The salvation of biological diversity on this planet, nowhere richer than in the forests of Amazonia, may indeed require push-back against the greatest threat to it, which is us.

Dr. James Grogan, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts & Instituto Floresta Tropical.
Formerly, Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
(Translated from Portuguese)

This book presents a provocative, fantastic theory, a strange journey into the waves and tides that nature surely hides from the eyes of humankind. I’ve never thought in this way before!  Imagine: even as humanity exploits and degrades the Amazonian forest environment for whatever price available, we fail to anticipate that this betrayal could generate a forceful reaction, a blind, out-of-control response that mankind is incapable of countering …

Frank S. Pantoja, Biologist, Instructor in Natural Resources from Amazon,
Federal University of Western Para & Susthentar – Environmental
Services and Tourist Amazon

It seems that most non-scientists believe that scientists either know everything about the natural world or are diligently trudging down a linear path while filling in the few remaining gaps in that knowledge.  Far from it.  Every day we are being bombarded with new discoveries and are confronted with the underlying logical inconsistency of achieving absolute knowledge of a system that contains the observer.  This is not a bad thing.  Ignorance, the ever present and seductive unknown, provides the fuel for scientific progress. While the author’s theory of the killers in this story may not be scientifically probable, it is seductively possible. Immerse yourself in this novel and perhaps pursue some of the provided resources.  You’ll learn something while enjoying a wonderfully entertaining ride

Dr. William Delaune, Private Research Methodologist and Design Consultant, retired, Senior Research Scientist for the Department of Veterans Affairs.