In 2006, S. W. Lee had the opportunity to visit one of the most mysterious and talked about places on Earth: The Amazon Rainforest. Fascination had been piqued two years earlier during a research study of the Amazon with a germ of an idea.  Through that enquiry, Lee became aware of the hundreds of thousands of plants, insects, and animals that contribute to our everyday well-being – the global impact was astonishing.  Through the exploration and the discoveries was the impetus to write The Amazon Murders and to fill the pages with captivating threads of real science.  With the revelation of personal discoveries, Lee now looks at the world through different eyes.  Peering into a deep hollow of logs and examining a spider’s web no longer meets with revulsion or fear.  Through newfound vision of the earth, realization bloomed – nature can go about its business with or without us.

Before The Amazon Murders evolved on the pages, Lee’s writing career had commenced with a folk-life play for a small theater outside Atlanta.  After interviewing older people in the community, their stories became vignettes, which developed into a two hour play performed by a cast of over seventy actors.  Seven more plays followed, two of which were co-written, and five were directed by Lee, with casts of up to one hundred twenty. As time has the elusive ability to morph and change our lives, Lee continues to write and direct those stories.

Hobbies include reading, gardening, tubing down cold north Georgia mountain rivers, and climbing quiet trails to waterfalls.

Lee earned a degree in Language Education from the University of Georgia and went on to receive an M. Ed. and an Ed. S.

S. W. Lee resides in Georgia and takes great pleasure in the company of three granddaughters and an old minx cat that is definitely in charge of the house.